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Powershell string ssl

Invoke-WebRequest. Module: y. Gets content from a web page on the Internet. PowerShell. Invoke-WebRequest [-UseBasicParsing] [-Uri] [-WebSession ] [-SessionVariable String>] .. Sets the SSL/TLS protocols that are permissible for the web request. By default. Delegation may be required when using this cmdlet with Windows PowerShell remoting and changing user configuration. This example creates a self-signed SSL server certificate in the computer MY store with the subject alternative name set to , and Subject and Issuer name set to . The Invoke-RestMethod cmdlet sends HTTP and HTTPS requests to Representational State Transfer (REST) web services that returns richly structured data. This command uses the Invoke-RestMethod cmdlet to get information from the PowerShell Blog RSS feed. The body variable specifies.

With the one-liner you don't have many options in ignoring the SSL-warning (with the WebClient downloadstring method). You could try doing this before invoking the command: [ePointManager]:: ServerCertificateValidationCallback = {$true} ;. Since you're using this in a task- scheduler. New-AzureRmWebAppSSLBinding. SYNOPSIS. Creates an SSL certificate binding for an Azure Web App. SYNTAX. S2. New-AzureRmWebAppSSLBinding [-ResourceGroupName] String> [-WebAppName] String> [[-Slot] String>] [- Name] String> [[-SslState] SslState>] [-Thumbprint] String> []. Get-AzureRmWebAppSSLBinding. SYNOPSIS. Gets an Azure Web App certificate SSL binding. SYNTAX. S1. Get-AzureRmWebAppSSLBinding [[-Name] String>] [-ResourceGroupName] String> [-WebAppName] String> [[-Slot] String>] []. S2. Get-AzureRmWebAppSSLBinding [[-Name] String>].

New-AzureRmApplicationGatewaySslCertificate. SYNOPSIS. Creates an SSL certificate for an Azure application gateway. SYNTAX. New- AzureRmApplicationGatewaySslCertificate -Name String> -CertificateFile String> -Password String> [-DefaultProfile ] []. Set-AzureRmApplicationGatewaySslCertificate. SYNOPSIS. Sets the goal state of an SSL certificate. SYNTAX. Set-AzureRmApplicationGatewaySslCertificate - ApplicationGateway -Name String> -CertificateFile String> -Password String> [-DefaultProfile ]. Additional registry keys are available for settings related directly to specific SSL Tunnels, SSH Reverse Tunnels, as well as various other settings. . InteractiveShellId, String, The ID given to the PowerShell Host Shell for interactive sessions. By default this will be hell. IsolatedSessions, DWORD, Controls.


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